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get together

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phrasal verb

furthermore catch some one or something right up, attach individuals or something website link anyone or something like that to an object, specially digital gear.

  • ‘he got connected to an electrocardiograph’
  • ‘There can a links webpage, which hooks your to several rare publication internet sites as well as other creator internet sites.’
  • ‘This is the process where your computer or host attempts to create a system link via internet process, a common means of hooking this equipment up.’
  • ‘She cautioned united states in a proper rehearsed sinister build that we really should not be alarmed of the healthcare machines Fay was basically connected to.’
  • ‘The sole times the twins weren’t installed to life-saving products was amongst the delivery space and intense practices.’
  • ‘The cattle would-be installed on the milking maker and I is straddled atop.’
  • ‘For four hours everyday, 3 days weekly, he or she is installed to a dialysis maker, which executes the work of his or her own kidneys and helps to keep your live.’
  • ‘On xmas Eve, a decade before, she was hooked up to numerous machinery in healthcare facility after drinking to extra.’
  • ‘the lady important body organs will work good, which means that she is maybe not hooked up to a device.’
  • ‘They hooked him doing machinery and pumped him full of drugs.’
  • ‘The nurse explained to me they connect your around a machine that takes the bloodstream, centrifuges they, removes the platelets and the majority of of the plasma and then provides you with back all the rest of it.’
  • ‘One encouraging technique for unlocking the thinking of paralyzed clients is catch all of them up to electroencephalograms.’
  • ‘Once you hook it to another equipment, it will probably sometimes overwrite the music or (any time you choose) do nothing.’
  • ‘bit performed the 17-year-old realize two days after, however become installed to machines, not even able to cry for support.’
  • ‘we checked the devices he had been connected to, ensuring his air saturation amounts and cardiovascular system and breathing rate comprise precisely what the nurses envisioned these to become.’
  • ‘Every nights he had been hooked up to a machine at their family home in Offerton, Stockport, for 12 hours to wash their bloodstream.’
  • ‘It can connect with the web via a regular landline, or perhaps the device is installed to a cellular phone in order to connect without any cables.’
  • ‘The animals are hooked up to milking machinery with timers to them.’
  • ‘Brazelton addicted newborn babies to electroencephalographs immediately after which exposed them to a flickering source of light comparable to a tv but with no graphics.’
  • ‘Do not catch your machine as much as the world wide web, energy it and tend to forget about any of it.’
  • ‘just what a coupler do was make it easier to hold pins in most their attachments and catch an accessory around the hydraulics.’

2 casual (of a couple) fulfill or form a partnership.

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