Sakayanagi failed to talk with aforementioned personally, he knew one Kiyotaka are feeling an environment devoid of love

Sakayanagi failed to talk with aforementioned personally, he knew one Kiyotaka are feeling an environment devoid of love

Adopting the survival sample, Sae summoned your for the cinema where she commended him with the their victory over another categories and indicated that it was in fact his dad who’d questioned in order to eliminate him. Once more, the guy denied the woman consult to succeed so you’re able to A great-Category and therefore she does not protest including last go out. Alternatively, she only chuckled and revealed this lady experience in their earlier in the day immediately after the guy stated he won’t do anything on her behalf without explicit evidence as to the she states enjoys. Sae next requested him just what the guy plans to do now, that he offered this lady an unclear answer, leaving the girl smiling in response.

In the Regularity 7, shortly after an interviewing the fresh school’s president, Kiyotaka found Sae had never called their dad and you can she try only told through the new chairman that he’s a different student. He indexed you to definitely their teacher misled your and you can pointed out to the lady that she each other lied to help you your as well as the chairman. Then he realized that none Sae nor their dad has actually people real leverage to use so you can eliminate your regarding college, ergo he was not a slave to the girl blackmail and you may quit trying check out Good-Group since he had no need to advance, disregarding his teacher’s protests that he’s wasting their skills.

Chie Hoshinomiya

Despite not having any correspondence regarding anime, it appears that Chie has actually suspicions regarding the their intelligence, as if you are talking with Honami, she acknowledged your as a person out-of D-Category to look out for probably the most.

Throughout the white book, they’d another form of relationships, where she are proven to tease and you may flirt that have him even with being a teacher. This just got much more common as he demonstrated a lot more of their inborn performance such as for example heading bottom so you can toe having Arisu during the chess, getting full scratching in the Math whenever even she didn’t resolve some questions and being the fastest athlete in school. Kiyotaka, although not, try been shown to be a little put off of the the lady antics and you will peculiar character and you may tries to disregard this lady. He was irritated you to definitely she wasn’t providing her very own group definitely and are available to sign-up the lady category and therefore if the guy try together they would naturally started to Class An as soon as she ventilated to help you him. He had been upset and you will shared with her to deal with the woman own classification far in order to her dismay.

College President Sakayanagi

Whenever asked of the Prof Ayanokoji (Kiyotaka’s Dad) why Mr Sakayanagi, the school president, let Kiyotaka go into the senior school no matter if he was not into the menu of examinees nor underwent a job interview evaluation. His answer revolved around that have recognized about Kiyotaka’s character in the White Area. He showed that he’d very first met Kiyotaka behind the new cup when he went to the latest business to seven years ago along with his child, Arisu Sakayanagi. The guy stated that in the appointment Professor Ayanokoji, at the time, aforementioned are most proud of Kiyotaka and thought him once the his top masterpiece for having proceeded regarding the degree.

Though Mr. Thus, which have such as a young people record, Mr Sakayanagi wished to promote your with a niche in which he normally inhabit a smooth-yet-isolated-from-outside-business brand of set – this is the Complex Caring Senior high school, surreptitiously proving this new love of a parental figure even with not being their actual parent.


It found when Kiyotaka and you may Arisu Sakayanagi have been talking about the latest activities of special examination which had only ended. Kiyotaka found that he had been the fresh acting manager of your own school. After carefully exchanging particular words, he started walking early in the day her or him and you will unexpectedly knocked Arisu’s cane. Once Kiyotaka swiftfully caught the woman, he had been pushed of the Tsukishiro up against the wall structure after. Tsukishiro responded your surveillance camera ended up being substituted for a good false photo, so their acts will never be registered. The guy continued to provide Kiyotaka a contact from recensione veri single incontri eterosessuali his dad, harmful him to return towards the Light Place, to which Kiyotaka wasn’t surprised. Even with Tsukishiro’s proceeded provocation, Kiyotaka chosen not to retaliate, whether your digital camera was actually still tape. Tsukishiro up coming released Kiyotaka and you may kept, proclaiming one to he’d formally take effect on college into the April. Then chose to work with Arisu in hopes of getting rid of him. [2]