W. Rostow, brand new level of monetary progress are: a

W. Rostow, brand new level of monetary progress are: a

To boost monetary growth the government might be so you can: a) Boost interest rates b) Improve tax pricing c) Promote incentives to spend d) Give bonuses to save Answer: C fifty lesbian hookup website. Economic increases can be seen because of the an outward shift out-of: a) The production Opportunity Frontier b) This new Terrible Home-based Barrier c) Brand new Marginal Consumption Frontier d) The minimum Efficient Measure Respond to: A good 51. A couple b. Around three c. Five d. Four Answer: D 52. Every underdeveloped economic climates suffer from ____ that don’t allow growth rate go up of a reduced top. Highest population pressures b. Large baby death c. Hugh monetary mismanagement d. Advanced level away from technological unemployment Address: Good 53.

Wide compared to the that of monetary innovation d

The thought of financial gains are: a good. Similar with the idea of monetary innovation b. Narrower compared to the idea of economic invention c. Not related toward idea of financial creativity Address: B 54. The rate from growth of a benefit mainly relies on: a great. The speed away from development of the new work force b. The brand new proportion of national income spared and you will invested c. The rate from technical developments d. All of the significantly more than Respond to: D 55. The fixed state since the envisaged because of the Adam Smith, is noted by: an effective. Low-rate regarding profit b. Subsistence peak wages c. Large rents d. All the significantly more than Address: D 56. Which put forward the theory away from personal dualism? An effective.Lewis b.

G.Myrdal c. J.H. Boeke d. A.O. Hirshman Address: C 57. Who coined the definition of ‘demonstration effect’? W.W. Rostow b. James Duessenberry c. Roentgen.Nurkse d. J.K. Galbraith Address: B 58. Jobless developed by specific long-identity change in demand or technological standards within the a cost savings is actually also known as: a. Frictional unemployment b. Cyclic us-employment c. Architectural jobless d. Concealed unemployment Answer: C 59. Exactly how many amount regarding financial gains was basically defined and you can analysed by the Rostow hence every economic climates are supposed to transit in the span of its creativity? 7 b. Four c. Four d. Around three Address: B sixty. The fresh ‘big-push’ means out-of development was first advocated by the: good. Paul N-Rosenstein-Rodan b. Simon Kuznets c. W.A, Lewis d. A.O. Hirshman Address: Good 61. And that gains model inspired the use of money-production proportion having innovation think?

This new Harrod-Domar model b. Solow’s model c. Kaldor’s design d. Feldman’s model Address: An excellent 62. Given that an aid so you can advancement believe, much explore is generated today of one’s input-production data. Just who earliest used it? H. Liebenstein b. W.W. Leontief c. W.A great. Lewis d. A great.O. Hirshman Respond to: B 63. Healthy increases indicates: good. Parallel development of many different activities, and that service each other b. Equal allotment from tips to several groups c. Some other sectors growing during the its absolute rates off increases d. Consistent rate of growth out of output over the years Respond to: C 64. Innovation that have endless supplies off labor hypothesis is actually conceived of the: an effective. Gustav Ranis b. W.A beneficial. Lewis c. Roentgen. Nurkse d. J.Schumpeter Answer: B 65. Which of the after the is not accurately coordinated?

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Big-force approach: Paul N. Rosenstein- Rodan b. Healthy gains theory: Roentgen. Nurkse c. Innovation which have endless supplies regarding work: A-0. Hirschman d. Critical minimum method: Prof. Harvey Leibenstein Address: C 66. That have monetary development, the latest ratio off labor-push engaged in agriculture: a. Grows b. Minimizes c. Stays unaffected d. Changes in an ambiguous styles Answer: B 67. Which of the following the got a central lay because of the Schumpeter inside the idea out of creativity? Funding buildup b. Role of one’s Regulators c. Requirement for healthy increases d. Role away from innovations Respond to: D 68. That of the following the kinds of dualism are H. Myint like on the? Scientific dualism b. Geographical dualism c. Financial dualism d. Personal dualism Address: C 69. The following stage of the idea away from group change try characterised by: an effective.